GWO Pilot Project in TIWTC

CWind Taiwan Sponsor Students and Fishermen to know more offshore wind industry in Taiwan

CWind Taiwan announced that it is sponsoring up to 100 Taiwanese students and local fishermen to participate in a GWO pilot project, aiming to raise the candidate’s awareness of offshore safety and develop their general understanding of the offshore wind industry in Taiwan. They could have complete evaluation, before they truly enter related industries.

From the beginning of December, CWind Taiwan is organizing five sessions open to individuals from local universities, technical colleges as well as the fishing association. The pilot project will provide a general introduction to the offshore wind industry through lectures and workshops, including fundamentals of the GWO working-at heights and sea survival modules. The sessions will enable the participants to develop industry knowledge as well as to experience a taster of the working conditions, highlights and demands of a career in this growing sector.

They showed great curiosity about the offshore work environment through the GWO working-at-height and sea survival modules, saying that: “This practical training course helps us better evaluate whether to join this industry in the future.”

Receiving many female pupils in our pilot project, we are very glad to find them feeling positive about joining this historically male-dominated industry. In IOG, we have female colleagues in various roles such as technicians, surveyors and RQHSE and we always welcome more talented women to join our team. ‘’It is my first time to actually practice what I have learned in class. After experiencing the working-at-height and sea survival modules, I’m quite confident to work offshore regardless of my gender and aspire to become an offshore maintenance engineer after graduation.” said a student in senior year from National Taiwan Ocean University.

We have received several local fishermen to take part in our GWO pilot project, and the great diversity among the participants created more in-depth discussions in class. Aiming to develop cooperation between the industry and the local community, the fishermen were curious about CWind’s experience back in the UK in supporting fishermen becoming our CTV masters and provided valuable insight from the Taiwan fishing community. “It’s indeed an insightful conversation as these topics were rarely discussed in other offshore wind courses.” said a fisherman from Hsinchu fishing association. “I’m personally interested in the role of marine coordination as it best utilizes my knowledge.”

Tom Manning, Deputy General Manager at CWind Taiwan, said: “As with all companies involved in Taiwan’s offshore wind sector we face the challenge of attracting people to join this new industry. CWind Taiwan is in a unique position; having established our training school, TIWTC, back in 2018 we’re able to run this pilot project and to take huge leaps forward in educating the prospective Taiwanese workforce and supporting their entry into the industry. We’re optimistic that from the positive feedback we’ve received so far, and the further sessions planned, we will see a number of the delegates go on to enjoy long and successful careers in the sector.”

IOG-Public Relations Executive
李尹琦 Renata Lee
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