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We Take Real Action to Realize Our Vision of Industrial Localization.

International Ocean Group (IOG) is an offshore wind power integrated service group in Taiwan. Through various cross-disciplinary cooperation, our services cover geophysical and geotechnical survey, construction support, O&M services, subsea cable solutions, vessel charter and talents cultivation. Together with our joint ventures, we are committed to taking real action to realize the vision of industrial localization.

2017-18TaipowerScour Inspection & Crew Transfer Service
2018Formosa 1Geotechnical Investigation
TaipowerGeotechnical Investigation
YunNengMetocean Survey
CSC-ChungNengMetocean Survey
2018-19Formosa 1 & 2UXO Survey
Yun NengBathmetry Survey
2019Greater ChanghuaMetocean Survey & Geotechnical Investigation
GuanYinCable Route and Burial Depth Survey
Formosa 1Route Clearance & Pre-lay Grapnel run
Crew Transfer Service for construction & O&M phase
Yilan Offshore Wushih Harbor Keelung Offshore Kaohsiung Offshore Anping Harbor • Yunlin Offshore • Yunneng OWF Penghu Offshore • Wanggong Fishing Port • Zhong Neng OWF • Changfang and Xidao OWF • TPC Changhua OWF Phase 1 Hai-Long OWF Greater Changhua 1 & 2a • F2 OWF • F1 OWF Liwei OWF Nearshore of Taipei Harbor IOG Track Records

10 11 12 15 13 14 18 16 17 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 1 2
  • F1 OWF
  • TPC Changhua OWF Phase 1
  • Liwei OWF
  • F2 OWF
  • Greater Changhua 1 & 2a
  • Changfang and Xidao OWF
  • Zhong Neng OWF
  • Yunneng OWF
  • Hai-Long OWF
No Records So Far
  • Keelung Offshore
  • Nearshore of Taipei Harbor
  • Wushih Harbor
  • Wanggong Fishing Port
  • Anping Harbor
  • Yilan Offshore
  • Yunlin Offshore
  • Penghu Offshore
  • Kaohsiung Offshore

Our services include:


In IOG, we always value and reward the job satisfaction and career development of our employees. We believe, working atmosphere with full of energy makes employees learn and grow fast, which let us stand in the frontline to devote to the offshore wind industry in Taiwan.


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